Product Engineering, Design, and Development…

Enclave Technologies Inc. is a mechanical engineering services company. Our services include contract research and development, product development, rapid prototyping, mechanical design, testing and more . We also offer 3D printing services at competitive rates using our in-house Objet PolyJet printer.

Product R&D

We can take your patent or hand drawn concept from paper to prototype or work with you to optimize, test, and improve your existing products.



We can convert your 3D models and sketches into functional prototypes using rapid prototyping (plastic parts), machining (metal and plastic), and urethane casting (flexible parts).


3D Printing Services

Let us print your parts, we will match competitor quotes. We promise fast turnaround times and high definition printing on our Objet PolyJet 3D printer. It's 28um layer thickness produces parts with excellent surface finish for visual and functional prototypes.


Latest Post

ProJet 3500 HDmax Resin Change: VisiJet M3-X loaded and available for parts and rapid manufacturing.

Objet system loaded with VeroBlackPlus………….. Before you decide on traditional soft tooling for product development and testing, have us quote your project on our production capable ProJet 3500 3D printer. ¬† ¬†Rapid manufacturing offers significantly reduced lead times and offers the ability to make critical changes that are needed for the success of your study,…Read More